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Easter Fly In :    It's on again! The Skyhigh Easter Fly-in . a must for all pilots, hang glider, paraglider, novice or skygod.
Learn everything there is to know about inland flying from the experts. Qualified instructors will be sharing their knowledge with us through a series of information sessions each morning, with Q&A and video analysis of launches in the evening.
You'll be flying in teams of four each day (one advanced pilot; one intermediate; two novices) and setting your own goal based on the morning weather briefing.
This is not a comp but a chance to improve inland flying skills and learn about XC flying from those who do it. Come along, gain some knowledge, fly with the sky gods and have fun!
This years event will be held in conjunction with the Phoenix Cup, so don't forget your costumes. Registration for both events is on Friday morning.

Where: Recreation Room
         Outdoor Inn
         106 Coronation Ave
         03 5755 1154 or 0418 528 631 (accommodation)

When: Friday April 18 to Monday April 21
         Registration: 9 am Friday (both events)
         Information sessions: 9 am Friday, Saturday & Sunday morning
         Q & A Sessions/Video: 6pm Friday & Saturday evening

Cost: $20 Easter Fly-in
       $15 Phoenix Cup

So hop to it, book your accommodation now and we'll see you there!

Phoenix Cup The Phoenix Cup is Paragliding in Masquerade. Paraglider pilots fly in creative costumes, this with the inherent colour and excitement of paragliding captures the imagination of spectators. Last years inaugural event attracted more than 20 pilots creating over two hours of spectacular display for the public. Costumes included, Fred Flintstone (including car), a bath tube, fire engine, crash test dummy, a huge 20m octopus and many more. Costumes remain secret right up to the last minute in an effort for pilots to out do each other. The standards of entrants are very high, with pilots sometimes putting in many days of preparation. This year's Phoenix Cup will build on the enthusiasm of last year

Some photos from last year's Phoenix Cup ...
Owen Jourdain in a Firetruck - very appropriate for this year !!
Fred Flintstone
Gary Clarkson as Fred Flintstone
Phil Savory as a "Squid"!!
CMAC Crosscountry League
If you have had a good flight in the past few months, submit it to the league at the address below. The scoring system is handicapped to allow all grades of pilots to compete equally. Please note that the CMAC League is one of the criteria used to judge the Skyhigh Awards which will be presented in June.

Story of the Month - Dear Diary, Wild Turkey Adventures by Carolyn Dennis

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